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Audrey’s Night Out! | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2010-09-29
Categories: Projekt NewSpeak

We hate to admit that the last fashion show we went to was a school mandated prom fashion show in 11th grade. The red carpet was actually red butcher paper.

We were both glad that we were for once, at a REAL fashion show, runway and all. And an Audrey one too! Where the red carpet is, an authentic red carpet.

Since this was our first fashion show, there were a few things we noted that was very different from our normal, average, everyday environment.

1). Guys have really good skin.

Many of them did. I don’t think guys should have better skin than girls do. It’s like against nature. Also on the same level as guys who have hair that’s softer than girls and you can’t figure out if it’s the conditioner they use or their genes.

2). You look up to everyone you talk to.

No, not in the enlightened sense. Literally, everyone is friggin tall and you have to look up! And the poor tall models have to look down. See the 2 girls looking down at the shorter guy.

3). You dont need to be a guy DJ to rock a place.

She was amazing- im sure she could have walked the catwalk, and secretly every guy had a crush on her as she scratched away.

4). You have this sudden urge for frizzy hair.

I’ve never wanted to not brush my hair until seeing that. I guess tall skinny beautiful girls can pull off anything.

5.) You get in the serious mode as you hear a speech, and then you’re taken aback as the guy starts to strip down and act femme.

Many many people in the audience didnt know that Justin Chon, was the only asian american actor on the Twilight set. He came on stage with a serious speech – swinging the mood of the night into a completely different path, but he brought it back on track as he stripped down and introduced the guest models in a femme voice.

6). There’s food at a fashion show.

I know, it’s like telling you there’s no such thing as gravity or that LA never has traffic. But there was food and I’m glad there was. I felt like I got to experience a whole new level of cuisine. Behold, what I like to call if KFC and Jack in the Box had a baby:

Don’t hate, don’t hate. I had to snap out of the glorious Kettle One love and sober up with this. This has to win for drunchies food.

Well those are the top 6 things we learned at this event! A bonus tip: girls please wear enough make-up. Wear enough foundation and blush. Cake it on: otherwise you really look out of place.

Thank you Audrey Magazine for making this possible.

2 Responses:
  1. Audrey says:

    LOL. I’m glad you had such an entertaining evening. Thanks for coming out! For more coverage of Audrey’s Night Out, check out our little roundup here: http://tiny.cc/dl70v

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