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Bboys and a Media Arts Scholarship | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-09-24

Hey lovely people!

r16 poster

Wanted to let you guys know about this awesome event. It’s in Korea, so unless you happen to be in Incheon, you ain’t going. But definitely keep this bad ass event on your radar.

Musical guests: Drunken Tiger, Epik High, Dumbfoundead, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, Roscoe, DJ Ptrix

B-Boy Crews: Canada Supernaturalz, China STO Crew, Finland Sticky Ruckus, France Silent Trix, Holland Hustle Kidz, Japan All Area Crew, Korea Gamblerz, Korea Rivers, Poland Polskee Flavour, Portugal Momentum, Russia Top 9 Crew, Spain Arcoporn, Singapore Radical Forze, Taiwan Formosa, Ukraine The East Side Boyz, USA The Renegades


Make some money!

I caught this scholarship information on AngryAsianMan.com

MANAA, the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, is offering a $1000 scholarship for currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers as filmmakers and in television production (but not broadcast journalism — I guess we have enough of you out there).

Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of their academic and personal merit, desire to uplift the image of Asian Americans in film and television as demonstrated in their essay, potential as demonstrated in their work sample, and financial need. Here are some guidelines:


1. A copy of all official transcripts.
2. Two letters of recommendation, one that evaluates academic and artistic aptitude and another that speaks to the student’s interest and involvement in the community.
3. A double-spaced essay consisting of no more than 1,000 words addressing the following items: Describe your involvement in the Asian/Pacific Islander Community. How does this involvement influence your creative work? How do you see how your creative work will influence the API community or how it is perceived in the next five to ten years?
4. A work sample consisting of a short film or screenplay. Materials will not be returned.
5. A statement of special financial need or hardship.
6. A resume of both your work history and your community involvement.

The deadline for submission is Friday, October 30, 2009. Send all completed applications to MANAA Scholarship, P.O. Box 11105, Burbank, CA 91510. Please do not send applications via certified or registered mail.

They’re looking to award students who have a strong desire to advance a positive and enlightened understanding of the Asian American experience in the mainstream media. Hey, it has to start somewhere, right? So get those applications in! For more information, visit the MANAA website here.

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    fuh reaking awesome.

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