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NewSpeakTV | Projekt NewSpeak - Part 10
| 2009-08-20 | Cool
Learning Italian in Hollywood
So Gina and I are at a book release party for Kirsten Harmel; a little number called Italian for Beginners. Little Black Dress Wineries also in the house. So far we have met Jack Daniels and that’s about it. But it’s a good crowd and Jack is working his magic. Here are some pics of the event.
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| 2009-08-18 | Community, Cool, Stars
Wong Fu and FM on CNN
Wong Fu Productions AND Far East Movement were featured on CNN (you heard right!). Highlight: “It’s really taken off since then [Founding of Wong Fu in 2007] thanks to their core audience, young Asian-Americans who often can’t find accurate depictions of themselves in mainstream media.” Yeah, booooy! it’s about time someone said it. We Asian-American youth are here and we are doing it for ourselves! I feel so proud of them! Embedded video from CNN Video
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| 2009-08-12 | Political, Stars
Roger Fan Blogs and Blogs Well
Roger Fan is always such an eloquent communicator when it comes to issues facing Asian-American actors. Listening to him is, and I do not exaggerate, akin to watching the verbal equivalent of Swan Lake and Cirque du Soleil make a metaphoric baby — elegant, nimble and engrossing. After reading his piece in You Offend Me ...
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| 2009-08-07 | Comedy, Stars
Adam Carolla and His New Book
Seriously, who is better at bitching about stuff than Adam Carolla? From left turn signals to cops to the Valley to whatever the hell else pisses him off at the moment, you must admit the man does an excellent rant. Subjects that otherwise might be considered tiresome he denigrates with toothsome relish. The power of ...
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