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Projekt NewSpeak | Projekt NewSpeak - Part 10
Projekt NewSpeak

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| 2009-11-05 | Comedy, Cool, Projekt NewSpeak
Eddie Goes to SDAFF
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqrYewco7Ic] Eddie and Projekt NewSpeak went to the San Diego Asian Film Festival recently. Eddie was invited to speak on a YouTube panel with the likes of KevJumba, David Choi, Paul Dateh, Jennifer Chung and it was moderated by Phil of Angry Asian Man. I know… why was Eddie there? Well, he killed it anyway. Yay, Eddie. We so proud of you!
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| 2009-11-04 | Comedy, Projekt NewSpeak, SketchComedyShow
Photos from Filming for December 4 and 5 Show
The cast of the Sketch Comedy show have been busy little bees, writing scripts and shooting shorts. Here’s a peek into one of the most sketches they’re working on for you. Mark your calendars, the show will be on December 4 and 5. Holy cripes! That’s in a month! Check in for more updates.
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| 2009-11-03 | Comedy, Cool, NewSpeakTV, Projekt NewSpeak, Stars
FR*A Halloween Bash
Eddie and the crew stopped by the FR*A Halloween Bash at Club Nokia this past Friday. We ran around backstage and saw some awesome acts. Eddie had a chance to interview some of your favorite celebs who were there to have a good time, but also to raise money and awareness of the tragedy ...
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| 2009-11-03 | Comedy, Projekt NewSpeak
When Studying Goes Weird
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Vo8etaBRI] This short stars sketch cast member Jeena Yi and Ella Martin. Remember what it was like to study? Remember how important it was to pick the right study buddy? Great job, Jeena! I must have watched this at least 15 times.
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