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Crown J "Rap" Up | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-09-08

For those of you who missed it, Crown J came to town and tore up Club Nokia Friday, September 4. Our newest (notable) Laker, Ron Artest, was hanging out downtown. Good to see him working so hard… on RAPPING!? He rocked it though. Crowd loved him!

And our own Eddie Kim was hosting the whole thing.

Hosting Crown J Concert

Joined by fellow host Mr. Funny, Danny Cho, he gave away t-shirts and worked his hosting magic for the Entitled event.

Look, the night was a virtual panoply of Asian-American gods (and one Ron Artest) with talented musical acts Tier2, 3Strykes and Surrilla, and Crown J, and guest James Kyson Lee,

Crown J & James Kyson Lee

For those of you who have been under a rock like forever, Crown J is this easy on the eyes Korean megastar originally from the A. (See clips of his performance at the end of this post)

Crown J - Good Looking, Right?

We got a nice insider behind the scenes view of the event and guess who gets to enjoy it even though they didn’t have to drag themselves out to downtown in heels and park really far and fend off hungry bums? You, you lucky dog.

This is just preview. Look out for Eddie’s NewSpeakTV segment coming out soon. I’m still laughing at some of the stills they sent me.

Crown J - Eddie and Women Crown J - Eddie pwnd

Oh, and did I mention that Ron Artest was there and he was RAPPING!?

Crown J - Ron Artest

You see that? That is Ron Artest and he is saying, “Yes, I’m rapping. And I’m bigger than you, so, really, what are you going to do about it? I’m a champion.”


Okay, so maybe he didn’t say all of that, but he did do a hot jam about being a champion.

Alright, I’ll post the Behind the Scene clips you’ve been waiting for, the Crown J performances. I promise we have much better looking versions, but you’ll just have to wait for those.



One last thing. Here’s a little tribute to those hardworking behind the camera guys. We love you!

Corpuz The REAL Behind the Scenes

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