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Filipino chicks DON'T date Korean dudes! | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-11-02


Eddie Kim here. Today, I want to take a moment and discuss one of the more pressing and serious issues facing Americans today. Here’s a fact for you to chew over for a second.

FACT: Filipino chicks just aren’t into Korean dudes.

I’m sure there’s probably exceptions, but I know of only one couple. And this dude is the kind of guy girls just generally go for – a serious artist, total hip-hop head with a deep voice. Not your typical Korean and definitely not something that helps me. His name is Denizen Kane…and he is definitely one of my role models. Anyway!


So, what’s up with this Filipino girls not going for Korean dudes thing? Is there some sort of Filipino Girl code? Are you frightened off by the light reflecting from our pasty skin? It’s not like I don’t try. In fact, I’m totally into Filipino girls. Just the other week, I met this chick. I thought she was totally cute and I tried to ask her out. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

But, there’s a side story to it where a friend, who shall remain nameless, totally cockblocked me like you would not believe. That’s his X-Men power… cockblocking… and he does it unintentionally; oblivious to the max. It pisses the shiezen out of me. But that’s another story for another day.

Anyway, back to the chick. Despite the serious CB, I could see it in her eyes. It was hopeless. In the end, this pale, skinny Korean boy did not have a chance. But why? I still don’t know. One may ask, “Why Filipino girls? You’re not into your own kind? Believe me…Korean chicks are hot! No doubt! But so are Filipino chicks….yet I see very few Korean dudes dating Filipino chicks.

Now it’s quite possible that this phenomenon doesn’t happen often because proximity reasons. Nobody knows where the hell Filipino chicks hang out! Where the hell do they party?! Aside from import car shows, where do Filipino girls congregate? Wherever they may be, for sure Korean dudes are not there because they’re hittin it up at kclubs such as Cercle tryin to get that waiter to billy club the kgirls over the head and drag them to their tables.

I once emcee’d a Filipino wedding. And I spoke to the single ladies afterward. Not one seemed like they would even flirt with me. However, I was makin head way with one girl…later on I found out she was Vietnamese. Not Filipino. Not there’s anything wrong with Vietnamese girls…I think they’re hot, but that wasn’t the target. The target was Filipino chicks…and not one responded! WTH!!!

Maybe I have to change. Maybe, I have to morph into a cool, hipster, hip hop head that’s down for community causes in order to even possibly have the slightest of chance to meet a Filipino chick. Maybe I have to start wearing brown and hunter green colors, listen to old school songs by Pharcyde, and know how to either rap or dance. DANCE! THAT’S IT! You have to be a dancer. Someone who has competed on ABDC and made it past the first eliminations. You have to have worked at H&M and buy Nike dunks on a bi-monthly basis also!


Here’s a public service announcement to all the Filipino chicks out there: Take a note from your counterparts…Filipino dudes. They spread the love around — any chick, any ethnicity, any time… If there was a Filipino Guy Code it would probably be as long as she’s there, it don’t matta. So ladies…date one of us Korean guys. We’re awesome! You just don’t know it yet.

Filipino ladies, the more you know.

Trust me.

Call me.

44 Responses:
  1. Christable says:

    lol1!!!shit is funny…so true about the pinoy brothers they’re lovin everywhere haha!:D

    but my brother has been hit on by filipina girls before…you can too!! lol ^^ try harder~

  2. jungha says:

    maybe youre on to something here eddie!!! haha

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  4. jen says:

    i’m viet and i loooooves my korean man. he, on the other hand, is not so much into flip chicks….

  5. Ryan says:

    heheheheh that’s so funny!

  6. the_elan says:

    I’m Filipino and me and my Filipino friends have come to the conclusion that dating Korean girls, although beautiful as they are, is a bad idea.

    Perhaps there’s something going on with the incompatability with these two cultures.

    But then again, if you go to the Philippines, its nothing but K-dramas and Wonder Girls repeated over and over and over and over again.

  7. AnonyMOUSE says:

    Ooh, I know plenty of Filipino females that would date a Korean male. You just lookin’ in all the wrong places! Haha.

    Btw, I thought it was the other way around. According to my friend’s teacher, Filipino women are drawn to Korean men because they think Korean males would “protect” them. You can blame that stereotype on the rising popularity of Korean dramas within the Filipino culture. But I don’t think that stereotype applies only to Filipino women, I think it may apply to any female that is exposed to the Korean Soap Opera world.

    But hey, this is only stereotypically speaking.

  8. theresa says:

    heyyyy now, i’m a filipino chick and i MARRIED a korean dude!

    but you are kinda on to something with the denizen kane thing: “a serious artist, total hip-hop head with a deep voice” — my huz is totally that type.

    and fyi, rappers have just as much luck as dancers, possibly more. the theory is that dancers are straight showmen who don’t give a fuck about your feelings, while rappers are sensitive and in tune with their emotions.

    and yes, my homegirls and i have had serious conversations about this. don’t judge us!

  9. Eddie K. says:

    i’m in the process of learning how to dance…so soon i will be able to attract them ladies.

    the_elan…you may be on to something.
    AnonyMOUSE…introduce me to your friends.
    theresa…are rappers really in tune with feelings? I mean don’t they just rap about sex and put it on cool beats? Saying things like…”i’ll do you in the ear. i’ll do you in the ear.” and the girls just dance to it going buckwild because the beats are good.

    hahaha…btw…that cockblocking friend of mine…geez, i’ll tell you more stories about that later. insane.

  10. yukita says:

    I think you mean Korean guys won’t date Filipino girls.

    We’re too dark, don’t know how to make kimchi, are too dark, and not Korean.

    You, sir, have it backwards.

  11. ginajlee says:

    any chick, any ethnicity, ANY TIME…hahahah!

  12. Anonymous says:

    If you had game you would not be writing this.

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you had game you would not be writing this. No excuses. Paz.

  14. dating girls says:

    Very usefull infomation. Thank you.
    Keep it up

  15. Paolo says:

    Eddie, I’m pretty sure there are Filipino girls who will like you? You don’t need to get into hiphop, just get yourself a hairstyle like those F4 guys from Boys Over Flowers. Hehe!!!

    I’m Filipino but I want it sooo badly to date a Korean girl. Ya know, those Korean girls who look like they can be in a korean girl band (Girls Generation to be exact). LOL!!!!

  16. Ana says:

    I’m a filipino girl and I was a bit shocked by what you said. Filipino girls actually like, adore, or should I say praise korean men. Haha We are quite conservative so we usually don’t flirt or go out with a guy we just met. In America or else where, couples date to get to know each other. However, in the Philippines, we get to know each other first and then start dating when we start feeling that strong connection. So yup, just befriend her and wait. I’m Ana by the way, hi. 🙂 haha

  17. yhett says:

    lolx eddie.. not all filipina like those hiphop gear.
    maybe you’re just looking for your girl on the wrong place 😛
    im a filipina, i dont usually hang out in any nclubs like that, coz im busy working 😛
    for me it really doesnt matter where the guy from as long as he understand me and honest ^_^
    let me tell you this me and my friend love to date korean, japanese etc.
    we are all used of making friend with different nationalities, since we work on a cruise ship. and we work with them ^_^

  18. filipinothug says:

    now this shit is racist,i mean how can you possibly know that filipino girls dont date korean dudes maybe korean guys are just pussies who cant ask a girl out the normal way,shit,you were right about the hiphop thing though filipinos love hiphop,i dont know why korean girls prefer those F4 guys or Boys Over Flower dudes ,they look gay,i dont know man ,those kind of korean guys are feminine,if they get sent to prison they probably get raped in the butthole.

  19. Nikki says:

    Old post, I know. I just saw it on Google ._.’
    I kinda agree with yukita: “WHAT I think you mean Korean guys won’t date Filipino girls.
    We’re too dark, don’t know how to make kimchi, are too dark, and not Korean. You, sir, have it backwards.” LOLL. I’m a Filipina and I want to date a Korean but all the Koreans on my campus stick together like glue.. And I think it’s also because I’ve read that most Korean men only date Filipinas for sex and so that they can learn English. That’s probably why you got rejected?

  20. Pharme184 says:

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  21. JJ says:

    I think it’s really just you eddie, haha. I don’t think any one ethnicity ‘avoids’ another, and i know PLENTY of filipino girls who would love to date a korean guy. Granted, one that looks like T.O.P or Lee Min Ho. But still. phwoarr, them korean boys are hot

  22. DK420 says:

    What are you talking about? There many Filipinos and Korean couples in L.A. Koreatown ..

  23. idk says:

    this was interesting. well, as a filipina i find myself really into korean guys. probably because I live in a city in California where most people are literally koreans. here i find koreans dating ANY woman (whites, mexicans, and even filipinas). there’s gottta be some filipina chicks out there to like you. my asian (non-korean) friends used to say in high school “do not date korean guys or marry one.” anyways, i dated one later in college. he was fine, very caring and cute. I broke up with him because of family issues.

  24. idk says:

    I thought it was the other way around. I thought it’s “Korean GUYS don’t date FILIPINA chicks.”

  25. Viviikaboo says:

    Lol I would kill to have a Korean boyfriend. Im full filipino and I don’t find Filipino guys attractive at all lol. Koreans and half Viet/ half white are the ones for me. Unfortunately not that many Koreans live in south Florida, so I don’t even have a chance -________-“

  26. InspiritWoohyun says:

    Oh my god are you kidding
    I would love to date a Korean guy
    You must have approached the wrong crowd of Filo girls because I know of heaps (including myself) who are into K-pop and that and are trying to find “the one” and when they say “one” they mean “Korean boy” lol ^^

  27. ann says:

    boy, where you at….. i’m a filipino chick who doesn’t even get a second glance from korean guys. or japanese guys. just white guys. as if the stereotype isn’t big enough already, white guy with asian girl -__-;;;
    try for the filipino girls who AREN’T into that hip hop-rapper-hipster image, they’re usually very sweet and nice =)

  28. Yuki says:

    Who said that Filipinas are not into Koreans? Aside from the growing popularity of Korean dramas, we, Filipinas have noting against korean dude. I mean, what the hell? Modesty aside, you could say that MOST of the Filipinas are the most romantic, compassionate, caring, and loyal girlfriend/wife/friend. Actually, I like someone who is a Korean guy. I like him a lot, but I can’t say that to him. I’m afraid to be rejected. And culture-wise, I don’t think it’s going to work anyway. But I REALLY LIKE THAT IDIOT A LOT. and I only have till December this year to be able to see him—he’s going back to Korea this December. That idiot…he doesn’t even know how much it hurts to think that I won’t be able to see him again.

  29. Kaendibeetch says:

    Wtf I’m Filipino (girl) and I think Koreans are cute
    :3 SHINee FTW

    You might just be ugly or something but probaly not because
    Koreans are like never ugly ;P

  30. Hehehe oppa I’ll date you :3

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  37. gillian says:

    Actually there are filipino girls who wants to date korean guys 🙂 . I’m filipino and I want to date my korean guy classmate. But they seem to don’t have any interest with us :/

  38. Me... says:

    Filipina’s dont want a guy hitting on them. You should befriend them before hitting on them. And let me remind you, Filipina’s are sooooooo into korean guys. Let me tell you that.

  39. Shannen says:

    As a side note as a Filipina chick, I adore Korean people. Korean men are super hot lol I think Korean-American or Korean arent as approachable lol. Cuz nowadays I see them more with Korean chicks, so us Filipinas dont bother. I mean if you truly like Filipinas just try to like talk to us and make us laugh. We are human arent we lol Anyways best of luck. Your Filipina home girl Shannen

  40. Hyun Soo says:

    This was seriously very funny. Hahaha, but yeah, I agree. Korean is an awesome race. Son Dam Bi. As a Filipino guy, I know a horde of girls who would love to hang out with a Korean dude 🙂

  41. DANICA says:


  42. Liya says:

    just be yourself .. and DON’T be rude . many korean men are rude. sorry for saying that.

  43. Riza says:

    I’m really fascinated in Korean culture and though I do have korean classmates in school I want to explore and learn more in Korean stuff and all. So, YES! I want to try and date a korean guy someday I just don’t know where to find these guys. lol

  44. Riza says:

    I’m really fascinated in Korean culture and though I do have korean classmates in school I want to explore and learn more in Korean stuff and all. So, YES! I want to try and date a korean guy someday I just don’t know where to find these guys. lol If someone know you can refer it to me. Haha! but seriously, you guys can check me on facebook, twitter and myspace which is rysaalmero@yahoo.com or Skype @rysaalmero Thanks!