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Jeena Yi Says It's Wonderful | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-09-22

Jeena Yi is a cast member of The Sketch Comedy Show; she is also a company member of The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theater. Below she tells us a little about her local theater picks.

Lonny ChapmanThe GROUP Rep @ the Lonny Chapman Theater has been around for over 30 years.

They are currently going through a new revamping period and opening the season with 3 fantastic shows: Heroes adapted by Tom Stoppard, Painting Chruches by Tina Howe and Boston Marriage by David Mamet.

They are WONDERFUL, high-quality productions. I am truly proud to be a part of this wonderful group of people!

We’d love it if you all can make it out with your friends and family and support some good LA theater! wOot woot!

You can find ticket information and schedules on the website or check out their facebook:

The Lonny Chapman theater is located at

10900 Burbank Boulevard<Map>
North Hollywood, CA, 91601

Sound exciting, doesn’t it?

Btw, for those of you who don’t know her, here’s a picture of Jeena.

See that face? That’s a trustworthy face. If she says it’s wonderful, then gosh darnit, it’s wonderful. That means, you (yes, you), need to go check out at least one of these plays.


Below is some info on them so that you may select wisely which one you for sure are going to see.


A Trio of Exciting Plays Running in Rotating Rep

September 17 through November 8, 2009

Shows Run in Rotating Rep:
Friday & Saturday Evening 8:00 pm
Sunday Evening 7:00 pm
Saturday Matinee 3:00 pm
Sunday Matinee 3:00 pm

HEROES, adapted by the Award-winning playwright Tom Stoppard, from Gerard Sibleyras’ French original, is the hilarious and poignant story of three old soldiers in a French military hospital in 1959. The trio survived World War I. Forty years later, as residents in a veterans home and armed only with what is left of their wits and a 200-pound stone dog, they battle old age, nagging war injuries, and a masochistic nun. HEROES presents us with a heartwarming tale of camaraderie and a moving portrait of the frustrations inherent in growing older.

“Line by beautifully delivered line the play proves wonderfully entertaining.” – London Telegram

PAINTING CHURCHES is a theatrical portrait of the complex relationship between aging parents and their artist daughter. A promising artist comes home to Boston to help her aging parents move from their Beacon Hill home to their Cape Cod cottage. But she is ill-prepared for what she finds. Her gentle father, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, has been inexorably losing his bearings to what looks like Alzheimer’s, and her mother, abrasive and narcissistic even under normal circumstances, is half-cracked from caregiver stress. What follows is both gift and expose: an eager-to-please daughter’s celebration of her parents, and an artist’s ruthless examination of her roots.

BOSTON MARRIAGE is filled with David Mamets familiar fascination with complex games and language, and his brilliantly terse and crisply paced dialogue. Set in the Victorian era, the play chronicles the relationship between two single women who live together without male presence, who are dependent on each other for support, emotional and otherwise: a Boston marriage. This is a comedy of clever refinement full of the awareness of the socio-political realities of a woman’s place in that earlier time.

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