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J Lounge Recap – Eddie Kim | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-08-27
Categories: Comedy, Cool, Stars

So, I went to J Lounge this past Saturday.

NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Event

NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Event

You had all kinds of folks showin up there with your usual sprinkle of cool people and douchebags… or maybe it was more like a treasure chest of douchebags depending on whether you’re of the female persuasion or not.

The point being, I’m not cool or douchy enough to stand out at J Lounge.

Point being, I’m too nerdy.

ANYWAY, music was playing from the club upstairs and “Happy Birthday” going non-stop from the birthday people at the cabanas. This past Saturday was poppin… mostly because my friend from Blended Events organized it. He knows how to throw parties.

Exhibit A:

NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Events

NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Events

I ran into a bunch of peeps… some friends, others you wanted to avoid because you don’t remember their names or who they are, but then you say things like, “Hey man? How’s it goin? What you been up to? Ah yeah! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah man. Yeah let’s get together sometime. We’ll do lunch or something. Where you stayin at? Oh over there? Ok dude, Imma go to the bathroom and I’ll find you over there. Aight cool!”

Then you do the hand slap and fist bump. And you say it in the most cheeriest tone like you haven’t seen this guy in ages when in fact you saw him last week at another party saying the same thing.

ANYWAY, J Lounge… great place, hot chicks (but none of them will talk to you… even though they dress hot, wtf!).

Hot chicks that wouldn’t talk to me:

NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Events

NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Events

It just so happened that Kollab had its 67589207590-2 show and was doing their afterparty there and got mad hook-ups with their own VIP area in the huge outdoor patio area. I saw MF-ing Joe Hanh from Linkin Park, Vudoo Soul one of our fantastic performers from last show, and Kollab co-winner, Alfa.

Ah, more Kollab winners.

Ah, another set of winners makin their break to pursue entertainment.

The point being, donate to the Eddie Kim Foundation so that I can eat. I’m a starving artist. I’m serious… I’m starving. I haven’t had lunch or dinner.