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New Website, New Era, New Speak. | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2010-04-01

Projekt Newspeak’s new website has been 2-3 years in the making, but after a fresh coat of paint with some new details to the Newspeak vehicle, we’re ready to roll!

Big shout-out to SketchComedyShow.com, two-time winners (and defending champs!) of the International Sketch Comedy Championships that took place in Hollywood just a few weeks back.  Much love and respect.  I’m not sure how much I can reveal about their skits (for those of you who do not know), but one of my personal favorite skits has to be the “80s Rock Opera.”  It creeps up on you slowly, but BAM!  Next thing you know, you’re hootin’ and hollerin’ and having flashbacks to the 80s.  God bless the bright spandex… and the jheri curls… and Miami Vice.  Miami Vice.  Miami Vice.

By the way, I’m Toodles.  Why Toodles, you ask?  It took only one email that ended with the following for my name to stick to me like glue:

“I’m going to go watch ‘Lost’ now.  Toodles.”

I’ve been with Projekt Newspeak since my freshman/sophomore year in college.  My first experience with Newspeak was when Eddie and crew held auditions for its first poetry slam – “Yella If You Hear Me!” – in 2004.  At the time, I thought I was a pretty legit poet, so I decided to go for it and auditioned.  Granted, I was a naive 18-year-old college student who had NEVER even heard of a poetry slam until the auditions.  So, after getting rejected, I was pissed and said, “Fuck you, Newspeak!  FUCK!!!”  I didn’t want to do anything with the organization.  Really didn’t.

But, after going to watch SKIM and Shihan and the like perform and rock the house, I then understood why I wasn’t chosen.  The passion, the energy, the intensity that these cats brought.  UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE.  What did I bring?  A poetry piece I didn’t even bother memorizing about self-identity.  I brought the cheesy factor, alright.  Eddie still gives me shit about that poem to this day: “Your poem was alright, but if you had shed one tear and it went back into your eye, we would have picked you for sure.”

Anyway, Eddie strangely reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be part of staff.  After watching the artists perform for the first slam, I was pretty pumped to join.  Six years later, here I am, writing the first blog for the new poetry.

If there’s one thing I thoroughly enjoy, I enjoy jamming to hip-hop, in particular some old school tracks.  I’m always down for some A Tribe Called Quest, Blackstar, Talib Kweli, Common, The Roots, Slick Rick, et al.  One song that’s currently on heavy rotation for me is “Que Eso” by Mos Def, De La Soul and Tony Touch.

“Que eso? Tu no sabe mi sonido
Siempre ganamos, nunca perdimos
Para quien? Blanco, Negro, Latino
Del mundo, cuando junto, qué profundo”

Gina, apologies if this blog is too long.  Until then, this is Toodles, bidding you Toodles.