| 2009-09-03 | Cool
Eddie Hosts Crown J Concert 9/4
Eddie is hosting this dope Entitled Entertainment event at Club Nokia with Danny Cho! Come out on September 4!
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| 2009-09-02 | Comedy, Projekt NewSpeak
Dirty Dolphins and Space Avalanche
Dirty Dolphins
Space Avalanche is hilarious. Just take a look and you will see what I mean. “Dirty Dolphins
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| 2009-08-31 | Cool
KTown's Finest
KTown’s finest hit up… KTown. NewSpeak’s Brian C, Justin Q, Jason O and Earl B go to Koreatown this weekend.
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| 2009-08-27 | Comedy, Cool, Stars
J Lounge Recap – Eddie Kim
NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Event
So, I went to J Lounge this past Saturday. NewSpeak at J Lounge Blended Event You had all kinds of folks showin up there with your usual sprinkle of cool people and douchebags… or maybe it was more like a treasure chest of douchebags depending on whether you’re of the female persuasion or not. The ...
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