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Roger Fan Blogs and Blogs Well | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-08-12
Categories: Political, Stars

Roger Fan is always such an eloquent communicator when it comes to issues facing Asian-American actors. Listening to him is, and I do not exaggerate, akin to watching the verbal equivalent of Swan Lake and Cirque du Soleil make a metaphoric baby — elegant, nimble and engrossing.

After reading his piece in You Offend Me You Offend My Family, I feel motivated to go out and do something indie and meaningful. I want back in the game and I want to help elevate and take us to the next level. I’m pumped!!!

Here are some of our favorite bits:

I once saw an interview with William H. Macy. One question he answered made me sit up and take note. He was asked what the greatest challenge/frustration for him was as an actor. His answer – “deep down inside, I feel like Tom Cruise…I know I can kick ass, get the girl, etc. However, because I look like Howdy Doody, I will never get do Tom Cruise roles. I only get to do roles that Hollywood thinks I look right for…Howdy Doody ones.” (or something to that effect). which leads me to my thoughts about the Asian American guy in Hollywood and what Hollywood expects of him…

I’m in full support of people doing whatever they want to do…but you better do it well. If you’re going to play Long Duk Dong on screen, you best whip out your best Dong and rock it 150%. No reason not to hit a home run, right? At the end of the day, I think it’s all about personal choice. If you can justify your choices and live with what results, then it’s the right choice for you… By making such a choice, I have seen my pool of potential work reduced by 80-90%… I don’t know if my choice is right or wrong. It just feels right. It just feels right to me…

Of course I wish to meet the likes of Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner. But I want them to see me at my best, performing material that will inspire, not fulfill a stereotypical expectation. Basically they’re asking me to come in as a replacement reader, perform the one note Chinese bad guy with my Mandarin abilities, and have the entire cast of white people (ok, there’s supposedly one, hot asian american cheerleader that’s part of the Wolverine pack) yell and scream “death to the Chinese!” directly at me for 2 hours.