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SketchComedyShow.com 2nd Preview Show!!! | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2008-10-24
Categories: News

Hear ye, hear ye…


I just got back from Frank and Sons (the collectibles swap meet.  YES you know about it because I know you’re just that geek-like-me) and I’m feeling pretty stoked.  I don’t know why blogging seems to bring out the glasses-wearing, weird haircut-y, socially awkward me of yesteryear (or yesterminute). 


Anyway, in an effort to boost my cool factor, just wanted to spread the word about the NewSpeak Preview show coming up THIS WEEKEND!


DATE: Sat., Oct. 25th

TIME: Doors open 6:00 | Show starts 6:30

LOC: KIWA Cultural Center

3471 W. 8th St. (cross street is Hobart)

Los Angeles, CA 90005




and GUEST DJ – Phatrick (of the Native Guns)


TICKET PRICE: $10 at the Door (only first 100 get seats)



Awww yeah!


And a mad shout-out to my NEWSPEAK CAST (aka SketchComedyShow.com).


Can I hear a “Hell yes” for my freshly-crowned CHAMPIONS of the 2008 iOWest Annual SketchMatch and the 2008 INTERNATIONAL Sketch Comedy Competition (at the World Famous Laugh Factory)?!


This is AMAZING achievement.  I mean, not to pat our own backs or anything, but we won back-to-back sketch comedy competitions on the national stage.  Just general competitions with other general sketch groups.  And we WON.  We did not just win, but we DOMINATED!


Okay, momma told me to be gracious in defeat and success.  We loved and learned from the other groups and it was a great competition…


Hold on a second, folks, I’m getting psychic feedback from the powers that be.


What is that you’re saying? I’m having trouble underst… okay…


First word… Don’t… don’t.  Gotcha, first word, “Don’t.”


S-s-speak for… you… or for the cast… OH!


Sorry!  I just thought… that… um…. SORRY!


Anyway, so SketchComedyShow.com won the competitions and NewSpeak is holding their second preview show.   If you want to see some brand new, never before performed material, this is the show for you.  Your input will ultimately help craft our big show in December.  You, my friends, will be part of the whole show creation thingy.  So, don’t come if you don’t have good taste in comedy.   Haha!  Just kidding.  See… ?  You have a great sense of humor. 


Hey, you should totally come to the show.


Here’s the Facebook invite. 



If you’re like me and you don’t go to things unless you’re personally invited… this just works out great cuz I am personally invitin’ ya!  YOU!  That’s right.  I totally think you should come.  This is like so up your alley.  This is your bag, baby.


Til next time folks!  Keep smiling.  Keep shining.  And for Godsake, take a shower.