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"Your Bright Future" and Ours Too! | Projekt NewSpeak
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Posted: 2009-09-17
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So some of the NewSpeak crew headed out to the special event going on last Saturday at LACMA: ‘Your Bright Future’. The exhibition presents the artwork of 12 artists from South Korea. The exhibition is up until September 20th in Los Angeles, so catch it if you haven’t already! It’s great!!!


We went up the cool red elevator, and saw Kogi BBQ serving their infamous tacos, and a full bar serving refreshments right outside of the entrance to all the happening stuff at LACMA. There was also that cool tupperware and plastic knick knack installation that welcomes you into all the festivities… and you can’t help but be happy. It’s even called “HappyHappy”! How could you resist?! We took a fair amount of pictures inside, and ran thru countless times. I was happy! 🙂

There was all kinds of people: the ones there for the night life, the ones there to see the b-boys, the ones who love art, the ones who love to party, the ones who just happen to be there cause a friend of a friend of a cousin told them about it… In any case, NewSpeak had a grand ole’ time.

The exhibit itself is pretty amazing. We saw really cool video installations, interactive art (Gina even knitted a bit!), and this huge-small house with incredible detail! I can probably talk about all the details, but you should really see it for yourself! The music was bumping outside, and that only meant one thing: LAST FOR ONE would soon be performing. Being the shorty that I am, I had to run around the tall people to find a spot to accommodate a five-foot girl. And if there is a will, there is away. I was able to watch those amazing boys flip, spin, and do their crazy footwork on the concrete floor.

NewSpeak even stayed for the afterparty on the rooftop of the LACMA West Penthouse. There was an open bar, food, and a b-boy battle. Open bar = fantastic. Food = even better! And the b-boy battle, do they even have these anymore? I don’t even remember the last time I went to one, but it brought back so many memories.



All in all, LACMA late night art parties and nightlife is where it’s at. Meet some interesting folk, witness some mind boggling art, and have a laugh with great company.

‘Til the next event…

<3 Josie

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    LACMA night art is GREAT!

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    b-boys make my heart flutter!